In House: Cole Hardware
Role: Creative lead; builder; writer

“Ellie the Elephant” (June)
Cole has a long history of hosting hands-on, in-store events for families. I saw an opportunity for vintage toy animal workshops, featuring classic wood construction…and cross-selling Cole’s wide variety of premium tools and hardware. The broad theme would be It’s A Jungle In Here! and we’d kick off with “Ellie The Elephant”.

I proposed the idea to Cole’s president—along with a detailed write-up of goals, budgets, and schedules. He gave it the green light. I then designed and built 12 kits from scratch, and our store held two well-attended workshops in June.

“Santa’s Workshop” (December)
The Holiday season is an especially competitive time in retail. My goal: host a follow-up to Ellie…creating a casual, inclusive event to gather the neighborhood, share memories, and celebrate the holiday spirit.

I designed and built vintage race cars in Santa’s Sleigh Red, Christmas Tree Green, and North Pole White. Children would choose and race a favored vehicle down a curved, gravity track—with sacks of chocolate gold coins given out to every participant.